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What To Expect

The Initial Session

If you are considering therapy but you are uncertain of the methods and results, I offer a free initial session in order to speak about your difficult issues and any questions you may have concerning therapy.

I will also explain more extensively how I work and you will have the chance to ask questions to decide whether you would like to start therapy with me.

We will also discuss the options available to you, from long-term therapy to short-term counselling. From our conversation, you will leave the room with no uncertainty but with a clear idea of what you can expect from our work together.

Duration of Sessions

I usually see my clients once a week for 50 minutes. I am flexible and can accommodate my clients’ needs; depending on your schedule we may want to meet more or less frequently than this (if clinically appropriate), or you may sometimes want to come for longer sessions.

The type, frequency, and duration of your treatment will be discussed at the initial consultation and will be revisited in due course.

This is something that we would also discuss during our initial consultation.

Frequency of Sessions

I tend to meet my clients on the same day and time every week - it’s very important to attend therapy with regularity in order to get results; protecting some space in your diary makes this easier to achieve.

While it is important to try and attend regular weekly sessions, I understand that may be times when this is not possible and I am happy to be flexible and work around these times with you.

Please contact me for more information.