What can I offer?

Psychotherapy & Counselling


Psychotherapy and Counselling both offer a safe environment where you come to explore difficult, life impacting issues you may be experiencing.

Psychotherapeutic work explores more deeply held patterns which may lie within your past history. While psychotherapy absolutely deals with current issues a client may have, we often explore how those current issues may link to self-beliefs or identity.

Psychotherapy is often linked with longer term work.Psychotherapy is aimed at personal growth and development.

I will guide you along a path of positive change and empowerment, with an aim at recovering your wellbeing and for you to feel calm and serene again. In order to raise your self-awareness, we will explore your emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. Through psychotherapy, you will become aware of how they manifest themselves to you and how they shape the way in which you respond to events and changes in your environment.

You will be able to dismiss dysfunctional patterns of behaviours and discover new, healthier and happier ways of living. You will understand yourself, your personal goals and your values better. As a result, you will be able to recognise and express your true Self: thanks to psychotherapy you will reach your full potential.

What to expect from the...

Benefits of Therapy

I believe my method to be effective and you will soon perceive the benefits of it:

  • You will gain insight on how to live at your full potential
  • You will feel more confident
  • You will improve the quality of your relationships
  • You will regain your wellbeing and your balance
  • You will feel happier and hopeful again
  • Your symptoms will decrease
  • You will close unfinished business that is stopping you from feeling good
  • You will reach a unique perspective on life
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Counselling tackles everyday problems, which may span the mundane to the catastrophic. Counselling is often linked with more short-term work and may be more structured.

Right at the beginning you and I will clarify what your intentions are for coming to therapy. I believe consciously identifying and working towards your goal gives you a sense of agency in your life.

For both Psychotherapy and Counselling I offer a free initial consultation.

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