What is my approach?

My Philosophy

Integrative Psychotherapist & Counsellor

I believe my strongest quality as a therapist is to make you feel accepted, understood and most of all safe. I believe that only when we feel truly safe, free of judgement and condemnation can we trust, and trust is the most prized of all human emotions.

Having travelled to many parts of the world in my twenties I am now working in Bath, whilst supporting clients around the globe via telephone or video. I hold a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy having trained at BCPC, a long standing provider of accredited trainings in the UK.

My approach will enable you to be fully involved in every step of the therapy process, and to feel truly engaged in every step you take towards your happiness. I am very clear in explaining to my clients what I offer and how I work.

Some clients come to me knowing what they want to work through, others need help and support to untangle complex internal emotions that are affecting their external relationships at home or at work. Almost all find it difficult to stay with their present environment because they do not have a secure sense of their true self, instead they become trapped in the past where the true self was traumatized and lost. Trauma is the disconnect from our authentic self.

Areas of Specialism

Holistic Integrative Approach

When I am working with a client not only am I listening to their story, I am looking out how their body is communicating its version of the story as well. Sometimes I notice that the body is communicating a different version to the version verbalized. I invite my client to begin to notice this too and encourage them to work with their body as well as mind. All is communication - body, mind and soul. Healing can only begin once the client opens up this way of healing. Once this happens transformation has begun.

Transgenerational Trauma

Another area of interest that is always present in my work with clients is their ancestral histories. I believe that for the healing to be as clear as possible we need to consider potential ancestor tragedies, family secrets, taboos and unresolved traumas that are passed on from one generation to the next. Transgenerational trauma allows us to look out for untold stories we might be carrying that are not for us to carry, but affect our present relationships and mental health. When Transgenerational trauma is present, it moves from parent to child until someone has the courage to address it and it is usually always one member of the family who is the carrier - the one we usually call the ‘black sheep’ of the family in a normally ‘well-functioning’ family. The most common stories are of wartime atrocities such as genocide, holocaust, suicide, hidden sexual abuse within families, shame, physical and emotional abandonment and neglect.

Diversity or Difference

For example gender, cultural constraints, racial identity, sexuality and spirituality are other areas of interest for me. I encourage and invite my clients to join me to have an honest look at how the impact of difference and discrimination has affected their sense of self, their shame and sense of belonging. Difference is a beautiful thing as each one of us is unique. If our difference is received in a healthy and welcoming environment it lives inside of us as a positive force that propels us forward towards our life’s purpose. But if our difference is rejected, discriminated or hated we feel shamed, oppressed and silenced. Most of the time we protect our hurt self by putting on a false mask. My work with you would be to work towards unmasking your false self and enable you to begin to tell your story with acceptance, pride, hope and a new sense of belonging that comes from healing the wounds of the past.
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