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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. C.G. Jung

Psychotherapy and Counselling is a talking therapy where you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment with a qualified therapist.

Psychotherapy is helpful for those who have experienced emotional or physical distress early on in life, such as trauma, cruelty and abuse, family members suffering from depression, severe mental health issues or ill health, bereavement and not feeling loved. What we experience in childhood effects how we grow up, how we relate to others and ourselves, as well as the strength of our mental health. People who have experienced distress for many years have benefited from long term psychotherapy.

Counselling can be helpful for those experiencing a recent problem where there is a need to make changes. It gives you the opportunity to talk about specific problems, a place to reflect and talk about your options. Counselling tends to be more short term as well as the option for long term.

Sometimes in our lives we can be discouraged to talk about painful or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Comments such as 'pull yourself together' or 'it's been a year now, you should have got over it by now' are unhelpful and can put pressure on us to think I should be coping now. In life there is not a time limit on when we should be feeling better. In counselling I will encourage you to share these thoughts and feelings, where you can experience support and acceptance in a non-judgemental way.


Psychotherapy is there to give you a safe and private place to think and discover the origins of the issues in your life . Sometimes the root of the problem seems obvious, at other times you may just feel overwhelmed and confused.

It can be a relief to talk to someone removed from the situation, who will listen with compassion and without discrimination. This can help you recover perspective, gain understanding of how these might have affect your life , your current and past relationships.

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity, to overcome, to endure,to transform,to love" Ben Okri

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